Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Gesture Of Time

If I could arrest the gesture of time
The blooming flowers wouldn't droop down,
And the petals wouldn't fall off onto the ground.
The buds would continue the dream of tranquility
The charm of youth would claim forever
As the epitome of beauty.
If I could arrest the gesture of time,
Butterflies would continue embracing the flowers
Milky waves would kiss the beach forever,
The colorful petals would float in the air
The yellow leaves would add a beautiful hue to the nature.
The bold arms would not lose the ultimate strength
The children would not have to push the sunny days back
The aged people wouldn't have to burn the deep sighs
The brave fighters, fighting with death would get enough time
To win the unannounced crown of life.

The Gesture Of Time

Poetess : Sabina Sabnam AliaSabina Sabnam Alia
State : Assam
Qualification : M. A in English
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