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Vijayadashami (Dushehra)

Vijayadashami (IAST: Vijayadaśamī, pronounced [ʋɪʝəjəðəʃmɪ]]) conjointly called Dasara, Dusshera or Dussehra may be a major Hindu pageant celebrated at the tip of Navratri each year. it's discovered on the tenth day within the lunisolar calendar month of Ashvin, the seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar, which usually falls within the Gregorian months of Gregorian calendar month and Oct.

Vijayadasami is discovered for {various} reasons and celebrated otherwise in various elements of the Indian landmass. within the japanese and northeastern states of India, Vijayadashami marks the tip of Durga Puja, basic cognitive process immortal Durga's finish over the buffalo demon Mahishasura to assist restore Dharma. within the northern, southern and western states, the pageant is synonymously known as Dussehra (also spelled Dasara, Dashahara). In these regions, it marks the tip of "Ramlila" and remembers God Rama's finish over the Ravana, or instead it marks a reverence for one in every of the aspects of immortal Hindu deity like Durga or Saraswati.

Vijayadashami celebrations embrace processions to a watercourse or ocean front that carry clay statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Hindu deity and Karttikeya, in the course of music and chants, once that the pictures area unit immersed into the water for dissolution and a bye-bye. Elsewhere, on Dasara, the soaring effigies of Ravana symbolising the evil area unit burnt with fireworks marking evil's destruction. The pageant conjointly starts the preparation for one in every of the foremost vital and wide celebrated Diwali, the pageant of lights, that is widely known twenty days once the Vijayadashami.

Etymology and terminology :-
Vijayadashami (Devanagari: विजयदशमि ) (Kannada: ವಿಜಯದಶಮಿ) (Telugu: విజయదశమి) may be acomposite of 2 words "jampala" (विजय) and "Dashami" (दशमी), that severally mean "victory" and "tenth," connoting the competition on the tenth day celebrating the finish of excellent over evil. a similar Hindu festival-related term, however, takes completely different forms in several regions of Asian country and Kingdom of Nepal, further as among Hindu minorities found elsewhere.

According to James Lochtefeld, the word Dussehra (Devanagari: दशहर) (Kannada: ದಸರಾ ಹಬ್ಬ) may be a variant of Dashahara that may be a compound Indo-Aryan word composed of "dasham"(दशम) and "ahar" (अहर), severally which means "10" and "day". per Monier-Williams, Dus (दुश) means that "bad, evil, sinful," and Hara (हर) means that "removing, destroying," connoting "removing the dangerous, destroying the evil, sinful."

Ramayana :-

Ravana seize mythical being. To free her; Rama requested Ravana to unharness her however scenario became worse the war. once performing arts severe penance for 10 thousand years he received a boon from the creator-god Brahma: he may henceforward not be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. he's pictured as a robust demon king World Health Organization disturbs the penances of rishis. Lord Vishnu incarnates because the human Rama to defeat and kill him, so circumventing the boon given by Lord Brahma. A deadly and fierceful battle takes place between Rama & Ravana within which finally Rama kills Ravana and ends the evil rule. Ravana has ten heads. Killing of the one World Health Organization has ten heads is named Dusshera. Finally Dharma was established on the planet owing to Rama's finish over Ravana. so this competition is well known reminding the victories of excellent over Evil.

Main article: Hindu deity Puja :-

Vijaya Dasami is ascertained as Bijoya Dashomi, right away once the day of Dashomi or the tenth day of Nabaratri, marked by a good procession wherever the clay statues square measure ceremonially walked to a watercourse or ocean coast for a solemn so long to Hindu deity. several mark their faces with vermilion (sindoor) or wear some red vesture. it's associate emotional day for a few devotees, even for several atheist Bengalis because the congregation sings emotional so long songs.When the procession reaches the water, Hindu deity is immersed, the clay dissolves, and she or he is believed to come to Mount Kailasha with Shiva and to the cosmos normally. folks distribute sweets and gifts, visit their friends and relations. Some communities like those close to Varanasi mark the eleventh day, known as ekadashi, by visiting a Hindu deity temple.


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