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The Holy Doctrines of Dancing Fire

The Holy Doctrines(1)
Based on the spirit of universal fraternity  and being kind to others,under the permit of the  imperialest god of heaven,I,the  spokesman of the god,started this brandnew religion of common world   for the benefits of ordinary people of this world.
The starting point for creating this new religion is relieving the suffered spirits from torture in their
mind and the hostilities between people in this world.Only if there is bloody wars for contemptible aims,   or hostility owing to tiny dirty things,our doctrines of holy religion born on this day has the value and       reason to last.
Higher than your head,in the space in the air,there is a golden heaven radiating sacred and pure       glow.At the back of this heaven,an elder who enjoy high prestige and command universal respect lives    in a blue temple.In one night,he taught his splendid doctrines to me in a dream.And now I will declare       these immortal doctrines to all of you in this mortal world.
Believe me,enjoy immortal life!
Chapter one  Going through fire and water
That means defying all difficulties and dangers.
Under the name of all those pious adherents,with the silent agree of god,I call my religion "Going       through fire" or "Dancing fire".
In the long long history of human kind,the fire has been playing an important part in stimulating the     development of human themselves and human society.In the early days of human being,people could     not understand fire.People couldn't take use of fire.Then one day,people occasionally tasted the toasted body of wild animals by lightning fire.They began to realize the advantage of taking use of fire.Because   the food cooked with fire can effectively stimulate the assimilation of nutritions in the food,the thinking    power of human kind was greatly enhanced.With the consistant support of nutritions,the genius and        intelligence was inspired.As a consequence,the civilization containing ethics,industry,arts prosper.To       make a conclusion,the fire is the stimulus of human civilization.
In the well-known Greek Mythology,there is a remarkable story about the coming of fire.The father     of gods Zeus forbade ordinary people to use fire in the beginning.A god named Promethus defied the      order of Zeus because he was pitious of human being.

The Holy Doctrines(2)
He stole the fire from the Olympics to the ordinary world.From then on,humans can have the advantage of using fire.But Promethus was severely punished by Zeus.Luckily,the fire-stealer was set free by  Hercules,a hero of human being.
The fire,as the symbol of brightness,has many auspicious meanings.In the folks of China,fire is believed to bring prosperity,good luck and glory to people.In the nations along the Black Sea,people tend to adore fire.The fire,with its red or golden color,is surely to bring fortune,positive energy, quietness and happiness to us.
All above is the reason why I give the name "fire"to this newly-born belief.
Chapte two  Interests 
The bustlings of the people of the world are for the vanity of heart.If we open our heart for the bright clear state of mind,chasing the height and purity of heart,we can be undisturbed by the worry and folly of the material world.The distance between an ordinary person and a saint is a change of his heart.How miraculous!
The significance of life is mastering one's own destiny and realizing the freedom of own will with the limited power of one's brain and strength.Happiness is the objective of all man 's lives.To generalize the achievments and conclusions people before,happiness is divided into two types:the higher happiness,that is to say the pleasure with significance and the lower happiness,namely just joy.The realm of one's spirit is higher or lower.Someone always lives in the pleasure of his or her own life.But people with the universal fraternity pursure the happiness of the human kind or the whole society.The essence of our doctrines is to guide people with goodwill to live and to labour for the happiness of other people. There is a boundary in people's dreamland.In this dreamland,people help each other selflessly.When one family has food to feed themselves,their neighbours have food to feed themselves too.People live near each other treat other people as their brothers and sisters.People cherish a love for the happiness and sorrow of their neighbours.All the people care for each other.   (Ocotober 7th)

The Holy Doctrines(3)
Chapter three  Calmness Kungfu
Calmness is a state of mind when astonishing or exceptional situations happen,that person keeps undisturbed in mind and remains the same facial expression.Of all those superbly practiced Kungfus,the levels of different people have reached various extent.Just as a child may be calm at some a little bit  less happening situations because he or she accidentally had some similar experience before long.To be calm at some extent is an easy way of most people.But to behave calm in almost all the time is treasurable in common people.Most probably,this kind of people have experienced the ups and downs of human world.They have witnessed too many things in their life:strange,stunning,exceptional,horrible or extremely pleasant occasions.And maybe even sad,depressing,painful emotions have struck them no less than once.But they have safely passed these gray lives.So when they come to face a little exceptional things,they are strong enough to hold calmess in their mind.Without much ado,they live a peaceful life undisturbed by this ordinary world.
Chapter four A challenge for EQ: Self-appreciation
Weighing the maturity extent in mind of a person,we just need to observe whether that person is or not confident enough.According to the research of psychology,if a person think him or her is good enough for everything in his or her life,that person tend to be more competent than when  he don't think this way.That proves the benefits of living in a positive or say confident way.
People with high credits of EQ are capable of managing his emotions dealing with their relationship with others in their living circle well.Being confident is a positive way of self -management.Being self-appreciative is a high-profile manifestation of confidence.Based on these things,I say self-appreciation is a challenge for one's EQ.
You are the only one who can change yourself.To change yourself for better,starting from being confident.Everyone can find some advantages in their characters or living styles.Searching them in your mind,you will find that there are abundant of characteristics in yourself worth being proud of.So,you might as well be self-appreciative.

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Joey from China

The Holy Doctrines of Dancing Fire

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