Sunday, September 23, 2018


Ripped by emotions and slaughtered by desires, she was walking across her deadly past. It was the hour of dead. The path was full of dark vibes. Illusions swore to gobble her up and vengeance had almost shrugged her from every corner. Coveted with blood stains, the road still held the corpse of falsehood laying over it. She was invited by betrayals with every step she took. These pitfalls never left her path. She had to combat it in any way. As she was walking forth, the treadmill of temptations were consistently pulling her from behind. She was walking alone, lonely and forsaken, with not a single creature beside her. 

This lonely deserted road, embellished with mirages everywhere, had hardly any void left for truth to sneak in. All that the road could behold was loneliness and all that her eyes could see was darkness. She walked on and on like a homeless wanderer groping for that single ray of light that would accept her and purify every ounce of her soul once again. All she wanted was to leave her haunting past behind and move ahead to the Present where her body resided. She had to free her soul from the massacres of past and from all those menacing devils. The curse of her ruthless love was still there, walking in the form of her own shadow. The apparition of vices still loomed over the castles of her heart fastening its every beat into a noiseless thunder. 

And if you try to search for her, you will still see her walking aimlessly on that massacred road, wandering in search of Truth. If only she found her way ! The nature of war is to fight, but on the way to peace, the nature of war is to surrender. But this barren path is the dark hour that we encounter just before the breaking of dawn. So is the anomaly of war that has to be fought for attaining peace. The war for virtue has to be fought with the vices. The demons of jealousy, anger, falsehood, betrayal and selfishness have to be crumpled to achieve the Truth – the divine ray of light. If thou opt for the path of truth, He will shelter thou in His divine abode.

Written By 
Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
From Odisha

On The Way To The Truth

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