Thursday, September 27, 2018

An Epoch

"An Epoch " 
During the stirring spring
I walked a thousand miles ..., 
Ran after the dream of wings Silently budding in my eyes. 
Dreamt up to be beautified With the glaze of twinkling stars. 
Extended the fervent arms 
To touch the starry skies.
During the overflowing summer, 
Flood composed the fatal history of lost, 
The dreams were crushed in bud 
With the sparky bolts of roaring thunders, 
The fragments of broken dreams 
Swirled away on the flow of tears.
During the opulent autumn, 
The pinky buds about to blossom, 
The wind conceived the mixed fragrance of flowers, 
The foamy clouds canopied the sky. 
By pulling the foggy veil The sun smiled with joy.. 
The fresh morning commenced a new epoch, 
With the promising days of happiness.
Poetess : Sabina Sabnam Alia

Qualification : M. A in English 
Literary achievement : 
1.Best junior friction writer award in Assam. 
2. Published a novel "Nishar Ninad"
3.Poems, short stories, novels are publishing in different local, national and international magazines. 

Sabina Sabnam Alia

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