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He was a seventeen year old guy then. They called him Suraj. He was the son of a retired school teacher. The name suited him well as he was born on an auspicious Sunday.
Suraj was invited by one of his friends for a family wedding. Suraj, along with his friends planned to attend the wedding together. And it was decided that each one would carry ten rupees with him as the wedding gift.
Suraj hurried home and asked his mother, “Ma, I have to attend a wedding tonight. My friend has insisted me to come anyhow. My friends have decided that we all should gift ten rupees to the couple. Can you give me fast?”
His mother was a humble and caring lady. Despite the poor conditions, she didn’t deny to this request. She searched every purse and every box she possessed. She searched every corner of the house. And finally she turned up to her son and said,”My child, I managed to get only five rupees. And this was the last piece of my savings. Take this and I am sure your friend will understand us.“
Suraj felt dejected. How excited he was to attend the wedding, and enjoy with his friends! But he assured his mother that he would surely attend the wedding. But then he thought it would not be right to give only half the amount that was decided and have fun for free. So he made a tough choice. As promised, he attended the wedding and gifted the money he had brought with him. And he went away without even touching a single grain of rice.

Years passed and Suraj turned into a kind young man. He was married now and had a beautiful and loving wife. Every Saturday, he visited the temple. One day he came across an old man who walked the streets begging door to door. Suraj felt pity on him and bought him some sweets. And this became his weekly errand. He bought two pieces of sweet and handed it over to the old man who was usually seen lying on the verandah of one of the shops. The old man could not see, but he had seen the most beautiful heart in his mind’s eye and had blessed him.
In a wintry day, Suraj had once gone to visit the old man. But he found him shivering in the harsh winter. He bought him a warm blanket, wrapped it around him and said, “ Baba, take this as a gift. And take your share of sweets for today.” And that day too, the old man thanked him and blessed him with almost tears in his eyes.

Suraj had once visited a village and encountered a little boy who did odd jobs to make his ends meet. He took the little boy with him, and enrolled his name in a school on the outskirts of the town. He took care of all the expenses of the boy required for his education.
One day, Suraj was at home when one of her daughter’s friend, Anita had come to meet her. She stayed in their house the whole day and the children had a lot of fun. In the evening, Suraj got an emergency call. He got ready to go. While going, he asked Anita whether he would drop her on his way. Both the friends hesitated as they didn’t want their fun to stop halfway.
Suraj immediately reached the school where the little boy was living. They said that the boy’s condition had become too worse and he needed immediate medical aid. Suraj, without any second thought, took him to the hospital as hastily as he could.
The boy was admitted immediately. After the check-up, the doctor came to Suraj and said,”This boy would have died today if you had neglected a minute more. You brought him at the right time. He is fine now. You can take him tomorrow with you.”
And that fine day, Suraj saved a person from death.
Everything happens for a cause. If Suraj had dropped Anita home that day, then it would have been too late.

This is just an anecdote of a simple man who always stands for what is right. He is an epitome of righteousness. God knows how many lives he might have saved and how many people he might have inspired. He may not be a hero that we see in movies, but he is a savior – a real hero.
And I feel proud to be the daughter of such a person.
Thanks papa, for just e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Written By 
Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
From Odisha

A Tough Choice

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